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In-depth Feature:  Evolution MK-225C Controller
Nick B writes: .

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We first tried the MK-225C on a PC with Windows 2000. Unfortunately, plugging it into our machine caused the PC to spontaneously power off – a pretty extreme crash by any standards. Apparently the Microsoft USB/Audio spec supplied to developers for “Classic Compliant” USB is about as useful as a live microphone at a Britney Spears concert and causes this behaviour. Microsoft are aware of this and have released a patch to enable installation which is downloadable and will be included on CD-ROMs shipped with units in future – according to Evolution.

Evolution have as workaround for installing on Window 2000 which appears to work fine
Windows 2000 Installation

  • Start Windows in SAFE mode (F8 on start-up)
  • Plug in the MK-225C
  • Allow Windows to find the new hardware
  • Using Device Manager, update the drivers from the Evolution CD.

    According to Evolution, Windows 98 and XP installation should present no problems – we were unable to test this personally.

    Installation on a Mac G4 (OS 9.1) on the other hand, was a breeze - just run the OMS setup and scan for new interfaces. I was tweaking Reaktor in no time. I also had no problems using the MK to control Logic. Evolution told us that the MK series will also install under OS-X with native support built in to the OS.

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