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In-depth Feature:  Evolution MK-225C Controller
Nick B writes: .

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The MK-225C is a good, straight forward compact MIDI controller, for the price it has the features you’d expect and in operation it has some useful elements to the interface. The numeric keypad and +/- buttons make setting up and program changes very straightforward and a great deal easier than on the Oxygen 8. I guess it comes down to a matter of style. I would describe the Evolution as functional though not particularly sexy. There’s no point in pretending that this isn’t in direct competition to the Oxygen 8, as clearly it is. The prices are pretty much the same. Though the MK-225C does have some advantages, notably:

  • Full polyphony
  • Transposable over the full MIDI note range
  • True single step resolution for fine adjustments
  • Easy parameter setup
  • Numeric pad and increment/decrement buttons
  • Keyboard and USB MIDI out data merged to single output

    My real problem is with the feel of the keyboard – it’s simply not responsive enough – I don’t know if this is fixable with a software update but I do hope so. It’s the fly in the ointment for me and as a result I found it to be of fairly limited use as a controller.

    List Price
    MK-225C $139.99
    MK-361C (61 keys and 16 controllers) $285

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