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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments Reaktor 3.0
Reaktor is the Rolls Royce of soft synths. Solid, reliable and very impressive.
BEATSYSTEM writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Introduction + System Requirements
  • Installation
  • First Impressions
  • First Impressions contd
  • Rolling Your Own
  • Integrating With Your Sequencer
  • Final Reaktion .

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    Introduction + System Requirements
    Native Instruments are well known for their range of virtual instruments. Reaktor 3 is the latest incarnation of their famed modular softsynth. Used by synthesists and educational facilities alike, it can be used to model relatively simple analog synths as well as complex and unusual samplers, drum machines, sequencers and sound processing units. Of these, the relatively new "granular synthesis" is implemented with some style and ease of use.

    To get you up and running Reaktor comes with a generous helping of pre-made ensembles., whilst those who make the effort to work through the excellent manual will soon begin to construct their own synths and effects.

    System Requirements (modest by today's standards.)

    • Intel Pentium class processor (233 Mhz clock rate or higher) or an AMD Athlon or Duron processor.
    • at least 32 Mb of RAM.
    • 50 Mb of hard disc space, 300 Mb for full installation.
    • Soundcard preferably with ASIO drivers.
    • MIDI interface and MIDI Keyboard.
    • A USB port for the connection of the USB protection key.
    • Windows 95/98/2000 or Mac OS 9.1 for the Mac version ( not reviewed here)

    It’s worth noting that the USB dongle works for both Mac and PCs and as a result you can run an instance on either (provided you have the USB dongle). You can download a crossgrade from the N.I website.

    I found that I could run this on both my studio desktop system and my laptop with equally good results. The QWERTY keyboard can be used to trigger notes so programming in the back of a cab is a possibility!

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