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In-depth Feature:  PowerCore
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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Powercore is an extremely elegant way to get more processing power into your system, you can install it and forget it's there. In fact, we were all extremely impressed with the ease with which it was installed on both systems we tried (9600 233 with XLR8 G3 zif 400Mhz cpu upgrade and a beige G3 233). It's almost completely transparent, using it with Logic Audio the only time you are aware of it is the first time you use a plug-in on a new session and a box pops up telling you it's initiating Powercore which takes all of 20 seconds. The TC plug-ins so far released are excellent and we can definitely look forward to more from the company. Increased third party support would give the system more kudos so we shall have to see what transpires in the long term, but at the moment if you use VST or MAS plug-ins, like the sound of some classy TC effects fired up and ready to use in the heart of your system and want to give your computer's processor a bit of breathing space, buying a Powercore is the way to go.

PowerCore Lists at $1299 and is shipping now.

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