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In-depth Feature:  PowerCore
If you like the sound of classy TC effects and want to give your processor a bit of breathing space, Powercore is the way to go.
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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Anyone who uses VST or MAS plug-ins with their sequencer will be only too aware of the demands they can put on the processor. As wonderful as VST plug-ins can be, get too many of the little buggers up and running and you could soon be up merde creek without a paddle, as they say in France. What would be really cool would be some extra DSP power you could load into the computer purely to run your plug-ins, giving the overworked CPU a break and letting it take care of its other allotted tasks a little more smoothly. TC Works have been thinking along those lines and have come up with the Powercore, a bunch of DSP's on a PCI card that slots into your Mac and takes care of running a whole load of plug-ins. The only snag (if it actually is one) is that the Powercore will only run plug-ins that are written specifically for it. Those plug-ins, however, sit in your VST folder alongside your normal ones and you use them in exactly the same way. The two types are completely integrated and run transparently alongside each other, the only difference being that your computer is running your normal plug-ins and Powercore is running its own. Now, while Powercore in itself won't speed up your normal plug-ins, it allows you to use the Powercore-friendly plug-ins in place of some of your normal ones thereby reducing some of the computer's workload, so the remainder of the normal ones you are still using should run more smoothly.

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