A Closer Look At The Roland SY-300 Guitar Synth Pedal

Pedal's capabilities and functionality explored in-depth by Tom Quayle   19-Jul-15

When Roland released the SY-300 synth pedal in April this year, they were keen to point out that the pedal tracks in polyphony through a standard jack cable.

Very impressive indeed! But with such a complicated piece of kit released by Roland, we're only now starting to get a full view of the sounds you can generate with the SY-300, and the full functionality on board.

In the video above, Tom Quayle really puts it through its paces, testing the tracking, but also demonstrating a good range of sounds.

It seems to work best when only partially in the mix, working in the background to add extra texture to chords.

Some of the lead synth sounds still seem a bit, well... silly, but it's obviously a powerful piece of kit that allows your imagination to run wild.

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