Roland Blues Cube Review: UPDATED Model - Have The Kinks Been Ironed Out?

We take a second look at the amp, after new updates to the product   27-Apr-15


In January we took a look at the new Roland Blues Cube - a solid state amp designed to respond like a tube amp.

With impressive functionality, the amp is promoted by Roland as a perfect option for guitarists who regularly play club and pub gigs and need something reliable.

Roland/BOSS are known by guitarists for just that - reliability, but Roland also have a great heritage of producing outstanding solid state amplifiers, so the Blues Cube is an exciting product.

When we took a look at the prototype model in January, there were some issues with the low end response on the amplifier, which made it difficult to play choppy open-string rhythms without getting an odd bassy warble.

So at MusikMesse 2015 in Frankfurt, we borrowed a new, updated Blues Cube from Roland, and took it to our editing suite where we gave it the SonicState once over.

Suffice to say the low-end response issues are gone, and the same rich, responsive lead sounds are still there.

Hear it for yourself in the video above.

Filmed by Robert Hicks,
Written and presented by Richard Beech.


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