Digitech Polara Short Demo: 7 Clean Sound Examples

SonicState's Richard Beech gives the Polara's Lexicon reverb sounds a whirl   09-Mar-15

The new Polara pedal from Digitech packs seven studio quality Lexicon reverb sounds into one colourful little stompbox.

Ahead of filming a review in the SonicState studio, I filmed a short demo of each of the seven reverb settings, all on a clean sound.

0:08 - Dry signal

0:27 - Spring Reverb setting

0:57 - Hall Reverb setting

1:25 - Halo Reverb setting (octave reverb)

2:07 - Modulation Reverb setting

2:31 - Reverse Reverb setting

3:00 - Plate Reverb setting

3:29 - Room Reverb setting

Demo by Richard Beech.

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