NAMM 2015: EHX B9 Organ Machine In Action

Turn your guitar into a classic '60s organ   04-Feb-15

    MP4 3:49 mins    

Electro Harmonix's B9 Organ Machine aims to take your guitar signal and turn it into a classic '60s organ.

Running it as the first pedal in your chain, and adding a bit of compression, reverb and delay after the pedal can help you achieve an incredibly smooth organ sound.

Increase the level of 'click' to get more of the percussive sound of keys being pressed, and you can also increase the mix of the rotary speaker emulation.

The B9 Organ Machine isn't the only organ emulation pedal, the company have also recently released the C9, which you can see/watch in action by clicking here.

And you can watch the B9 in action in the video above.

Fimed and edited by Rob Hicks
Presented by Richard Beech

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