NAMM 2015: Digitech Trio in Action - It's a Band in a Pedal

It's like having a bass player and a drummer - only with more intelligence   23-Jan-15

    MP4 4:1 mins    

Digitech announced the Trio pedal a few days ago, along with the bold claim that it was like having a band in a pedal.

We wanted to hear it in action for ourselves, because any pedal that claims to be able to listen to your guitar playing and then immediately play drums and bass along with you.

It's a backing track that plays along with you (rather than the other way around), and you can then use the pedal's interface to change tempo, change musical genre, and also change the style of the backing track if you're not quite happy with it.

It's cool to see it in action, but off camera we also tested it out ourselves and it's pretty bizarre when a drummer and bass player just kick in and start playing along with you.

At $179 it's fairly good value for money too, but if you like what you see in the video then definitely try it out for yourself just to see what it's like to play along with.

The quality of the backing tracks are good too, the only drawback is that you can't change chord progression in the middle of a song. So it's a bit like playing along with a looper.

Filmed by Rob Hicks
Edited and presented by Richard Beech

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