An Interview With Steve Stevens: On His New Knaggs Signature

Fresh off stage at London Hammersmith Apollo   10-Dec-14

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Flared leather trousers, chest on show, nailing a solo with his guitar behind his head - Steve Stevens is every bit the rock god.

But what has always been truly impressive about Steve's career is his ability to do... well, almost every single requirement of being a musician.

He's a songwriter, a composer, he has an ear for production, he's a performer, he has an arsenal of guitars and effects and he gets the best out of all of them.

He can write a solid rhythm part, he can write a great counter melody, an iconic riff, he can shred a superb solo or he can sit down with an acoustic and b low your mind with his flamenco playing.

This, all of this, is why I've always been in awe of Steve. Conducting an interview with him AFTER a show is a terrible idea, you've just spent two hours watching the guy rock one of the country's best-known venues - the Hammersmith Apollo - you have been headbanging in sheer delight and dancing with strangers, and then you have to go and pretend to be calm and composed.

But Mr Stevens has a new Knaggs signature model coming out in January, and I wanted to ask him about it. He already has one Knaggs signature model, but now he's about to get three more models.

It was a pleasure speaking to Steve, we chatted right up until the point where if we chatted any longer I would have missed the last tube back to East London.

In addition to Steve's rock star status he is a thoroughly nice guy who is utterly obsessed with guitars. He has A LOT to say on the subject.

Watch our interview in the video above.
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