Bass, Espresso, And The Art Of Groove

Hal Leonard and Worship Musician introduce The Worship Bass Book   06-Feb-14

Bass, Espresso, And The Art Of Groove

Hal Leonard Books tells us that The Worship Bass Book is a fun, informal, and extremely practical resource for bassists playing in a team setting. They say that the material is presented in a way that is easy to understand, accessible, and powerfully insightful and that acclaimed bassist and music educator Norm Stockton covers a broad range of topics in bite-size chunks, allowing players to emerge with solid and practical understanding of how to best function as an effective bassist in a rhythm section.

"As opposed to a comprehensive methodology for all things bass, this will be more of a collection of the nuggets - many of which were acquired through lessons learned the hard way - that I've found valuable for my own development as a bass player," explains Stockton.

Hal Leonard says that the Worship Bass Book  also provides valuable instructions and helpful direction regarding bass techniques, musical concepts, and important relational considerations that will help ANY bass player thrive, inside or outside the worship realm.
"Much of the material is relevant to bass playing in any context, so if you're not a worship musician, welcome!" says Stockton.

Other topics included are musical phrasing, tools of the trade, fingerboard familiarity, musical styles, slap and tap techniques, bass and drum synergy, solo bass arranging, real-world groove lessons, a passion for the groove, and much more.

About the author
Norm Stockton travels extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. He has been profiled in Bass Player  magazine and is recognized by many as one of today's premier bassists. From 2006 to 2012 he was the touring and recording bassist with chart-topping worship artist - and former Steve Perry guitarist - Lincoln Brewster. Stockton currently performs with Grammy Award-winning singer Bobby Kimball - the original lead vocalist with Toto. As a solo artist, he has released two instrumental jazz projects that have garnered widespread global acclaim.

Stockton's instructional DVD series, Grooving for Heaven, has been enthusiastically received in the United States and abroad; his instructional website  serves subscribers from around the world. Known internationally as an effective educator and clinician, he has conducted several master classes and is an adjunct faculty member at, among others, Biola University, The Los Angeles Music Academy, Tech Music School London, and Concordia University. He has also been a columnist for Christian Musician magazine since 1999. Follow Norm on Twitter, Facebook , and Instagram.

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