NAMM 2014: JHS Color Box Hits THAT Neve Console Sound (Video Demo)

It's a Neve in a box - and it comes alive in tandem with drive pedals   28-Jan-14

6:1 mins    

The JHS Color Box has a lot to live up to, that tiny little stomp box aims to reproduce a signature sound of countless classic records.

By plugging your guitar directly into a mixing console, you can get anything from a smooth analog clean (at low trim) or a messed up fuzzy compressed sound by increasing the gain levels and hotting up the input signal to the board.

The JHS Color Box aims to take the sound of a classic Neve console and replicate the effect of plugging a guitar directly into the board.

Used on it's own this simply colours your sound, and you can get some great fuzzy tones at high gain settings.

But used in conjunction with a drive pedal, it can add depth and body to your signal, as demonstrated in our interview with Josh Scott of JHS pedals.

Hear the JHS Color Box in action in the video above.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Rob Hicks, presented by Richard Beech.

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