Un0 4 Kemper Rom Chip For FCB1010 With Kemper Profiling Amp

Amped Blogger Michael Elsner shows us how to install   14-Nov-13

Review by Michael Elsner

By now you've probably heard about the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.  This unit is arguably one of the most groundbreaking pieces of gear for guitarists in the last 10 to 15 years.  If you have not had a chance to hear one or check one out in person, I strongly encourage you to do so.

To get an even greater perspective of the KPA and how it's being used on records today, check out this in depth interview with mega-producer Michael Wagener and his thoughts on the Kemper. (Also see our review)

Not only is the KPA an incredible studio tool, but it's an extremely powerful live performance amplifier, especially when paired with the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller that's been outfitted with the UnO for Kemper EPROM chip (http://www.uno4kemper.com).  This chip, designed in cooperation with the Kemper R&D team, turns the FCB1010 into a fully dedicated KPA midi controller.

Since Kemper has yet to release their own midi controller for the KPA, this is currently the best and most cost effective solution for controlling your Profiler via midi.  The FCB1010 is a very well constructed foot controller that includes two expression pedals: one dedicated volume pedal, and the other can be configured as a wah, or even pitch shifter.  When the volume pedal is in the fully heel down position, the tuner appears in the display of the KPA, which is a great feature when you need to tweak your tuning between songs.

The UnO for Kemper EPROM Chip is available at two price points: Firmware Only (16 Euro), and Firmware with Labels (29 Euro).  The labels are a nice addition b/c they clearly mark the layout of your foot controller, and have the added bonus of glowing in the dark, so there's no need to worry about navigating your board on those dark stages.

Unscrew and remove the bottom of the FCB1010
eprom slot
Remove the current EPROM


Install the UnO For Kemper Chip

finishedReattach the bottom of the FCB1010 and apply the Labels to the FBC1010

What makes the UnO for Kemper an ideal companion to your KPA rig is that it installs in literally minutes, and is immediately recognized by the KPA.  The only setup required is an initial decision on whether you want the top or bottom row of pedals to control your effects.

Once you've decided on that, the next step is to decide which of the 8 effects slots you want controlled via the FCB1010.  Since there are only 5 footpedals on each row of the FCB1010, you have to choose what arrangement is the most ideal setup for you.

If you look at Photo 4, you'll notice that I've chosen to have the top row turn on and off the various stomp effects, delay as well as tap tempo, while the bottom row, in conjunction with the bank up and down pedals, is used to select the various rigs.

The FCB1010 contains its own power source, and all you'll need to connect it to your Kemper are 2 midi cables for midi in and midi out.  If you currently own a KPA and are looking to start incorporating it more into your live shows, or even sessions, the FCB1010 with the UnO for Kemper Chip truly is the ideal companion.

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Michael Elsner is a session guitarist based in Nashville. Mike has worked on commercials for the likes of Audi and Mazda, and has also recorded music for film and TV. To hear Mike's work or to get in touch, go to his website.

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