Have You Tried This? TC Electronic Flashback Loop

The Flashback flashing back and back in a flash   23-May-13

Have You Tried This? TC Electronic Flashback Loop

TC Electronic posted this (rather blurry) image to their Facebook page, asking if any owners of the TC Electonic Flashback have ever tried patching the output of the pedal back into the secondary input, and then back out through the secondary output.

We imagine that some of the sounds you can get by doing this would be quite whacky, and that by adding other pedals in the chain beore patching back into the Flashback could create some incredible sounds.

What we want to know, is have you ever tried it, or, are you going to try it? We'd like to hear what it sounds like, so please feel free to share links to Soundcould or Youtube, either in the comments section below, or by sharing with us on Facebook, and we'll embed them into this article.


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