Free Tutorial On Arpeggiated Chords

Rockschool combines YouTube vid with free backing track and tab   14-Mar-13

New from Rockschool is website is a freetutorial on arpeggiated chords.

They tell us that you can download a free PDF tutorial plus a backing track and watch the video walkthrough on the Rockschool news page.

A spokesperson told us, "An arpeggiated chord is when the plectrum or thumb is rolled across guitar strings slowly, articulating each individual note of a chord. This is a requirement for guitar students studying for their Grade 3 through to 8 with Rockschool. This short video clip takes you through all the basics and demonstrates the simple techniques needed to master this skill for your exam Technical Exercises.
Plus, there are tabs for you to follow, and a backing track to download and practice against. In fact everything you need to nail techniques that once mastered will enable you to play lots of your favourite songs and even write your own."

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