WNAMM13: Demo Of New ZVEX Fuzz And Sequencer Models (VIDEO)

The sounds emanating from ZVEX get crazier every year   26-Jan-13

    MP4 10:45 mins    

ZVEX have added MIDI capabilities to their sequencer pedals, meaning you can sync the Ringtone II, Super Seeker Wah and Super Seeker Trem to a MIDI clock.

It doesn't restrict you to having them all set to the same beat though, you could have a Super Seeker Wah sequence running on quavers, and a Ringtone II running 16th notes.

On top of this, ZVEX have also announced a 'Fat' Fuzz Factory, an updated version of their original FF pedal with more capability for foundation-shaking bottom end, in short, they've added a sub switch, just in case you want to cause an earthquake.

Erik from ZVEX very capably demonstrates what you can do with the pedals, and tells us everything we need to know.


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