WNAMM13: Hear The New Yamaha THR10C In Action (VIDEO)

A bluesy THR with a range of killer tones   25-Jan-13

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Winter NAMM 2013:

We officially made the Yamaha THR10 our 'best in show' guitar product at NAMM last year. Yamaha's VCM technology is rivalling the sonic qualities of some of the high end digital companies, at around 10% of the price.

When the company announced the THR10C and the THR10X, a lot of people quite fairly questioned why you would need one model for high gain sounds and another model for vintage blues sounds when you can get both of these sounds out of the original THR10.

We have to admit, it wasn't until we heard Julian Ward's demonstrations of the two new amplifiers that it actually clicked for us. If you're a blues player, you won't need the high gain sounds, so Yamaha applied their technology to a range of classic bluesy tube amps and came up with an incredibly versatile low-gain amplifier.

You have to play hard and dial in quite a bit of gain to get the THR10C to break up, in comparison to the original THR10, it sounds totally different. The response to the dynamics of your picking is really impressive, in fact it's the most impressive part of the amp.

The THR series doesn't model the sounds of other amplifiers, it models the circuitry, so you get a much more natural response than you might be used to in well-known modelling amps.

Check out the video to hear it in action...

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