Tom Delonge Curses His Younger Self For Not Using Effects Pedals

Blink 182 guitarist looks back at his slow start   12-Oct-12

Tom Delonge Curses His Younger Self For Not Using Effects Pedals
Tom performs on his new signature Gibson // Rights Reserved // Neil Oliver Photography

Tom Delonge has cursed his younger self for not getting to grips with using effects pedals earlier in his career. The Blink 182 singer/guitarist was discussing the tech used in getting the sound on each of the band's albums, and when discussing 2001 album Take off Your Pants and Jacket, he said:

“From a guitar point of view, the biggest deals were all of the clean tones and using all of these different chorus pedals, flangers and delays – just really light, tasteful touches. But I didn’t really accept pedals in my heart until later.

"I was so slow. F**k! I was just into punk-rock. I thought we were cooler than every other band. I thought punk was way cooler and we knew something other people didn’t know. Now I look and think, ‘F**k, there was a lot I didn’t know!’”

In the interview with Music Radar, Tom Delonge also spoke about his love for various amps, including the Mesa/Boogie Triple Rec, Vox AC30 and Marshall JCM900.

Fans of the bands early demos and albums will know that the original recorded sound of the band was a lot more chaotic than the band's current polished pop punk sound.

This was partly down to musical direction, but also the use of a cranked Triple Rec in many of the recordings. Delonge then went on to use a JCM900 in the band's breakthrough album, Enema of the State.

The guitarist now uses a fairly clean setting on a Vox AC30, controlling most of the sonic changes with pedals and effects. He says that this is inspired by another well-known guitarist who uses an AC30 (along with a huge range of effects):

“The Edge. He plays really simple s**t for the most part and then he adds some really progressive s**t on it and it becomes its own deal. He’s interested in writing songs and having diversity in songs and that really resonates with me.”


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