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SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards

And the award goes to...
SUPERBOOTH 2024: ModBap Modular CLRS

Stereo signal processor
SUPERBOOTH 2024: SoundForce Samples II - and SFC-OB Controller

Fast access to samples from disc
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Five 12 Vector Sequencer MK2

More features and Expander module
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Soma - Flux - Your Questions Answered

Vlad clears up your queries about Flux
SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Big Walkabout

With Herr Schneider and other chance encounters
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Synthux Academy - Touch 2 Tactile Synth

Touch synth that can run multiple instruments
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Love Synthesizers - First Love FM Synth

Possibly the cutest synth at Superbooth this year?
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Weston Precision Audio - Dual Stereo VCA

New VCA module from Weston
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Rodec - MX Modular Performance Console Modular Mixer

Flexible fully modular mixers
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Syntonie Cadrans Video Synth

Synthesize your visuals
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Instruo - Dail Quantizer

Precision quantizer for modular mono voices
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Glasgow Synth Guild - Oct Tone Sequencer Procyon Filter

Limited-run boutique modules born in Glasgow
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Morphor - Echo BBD Delay Module

New echo module with 4 high quality BBDs
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Leaf Audio - Soundbox - Geophone Electro Acoustic Instruments

Textural sounds from the real world
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Din Sync - RE-101 RE-303 RE-909 X0X Instruments

An arsenal of quality X0X instruments
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Flowfal Motion Control For Ableton

Manipulate Ableton Live with movement
SUPERBOOTH 2024: A Magic Pulsewave - Star Song Rotating Disc Sequencer

Beautiful and unique modules with a mystical flavour
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Bleass - Bleass Voices Vocal Harmonizer

Get the choral harmonies you need
SUPERBOOTH 2024: - Godspeed - Autopilot Modules

Two new modules from
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Body Synths - Metal Fetishist Percussion Synth

Like an electronic Animal behind your drums
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Jomox - Alphabase MKII Drum Machine

The Alphabase has a big brother
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Koma Elektronik - Chromaplane Electromagnetic Synth

This synth emits tuned magnetic fields which can be played
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Expert Sleepers - Otterley Multi-Output LFO

Some recent modules from Expert Sleepers
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Befaco - Oneiroi Ambient Drone Synth

All in one drone module
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Modular Audio Tools - MAT 16X8 Audio Interface

Portable audio interface in your backpack
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Yamaha - Montage M Synthesizer

The Montage M gets some powerful updates
SUPERBOOTH 2024: BlacknBlu - Quad VCF Quad VCA

Two versatile modules for eurorack
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Play All Day - Playfader Performance Sequencer

Speak and spell aesthetics make playing with your fader fun
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Synthstrom Audible - Deluge Sequencer Synth Sampler

The Deluge gets several new updates
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Mad Sound Factory - Drop Analogue Groovebox

A happy accident machine
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Retrokits - RK008 Multi Track MIDI Recorder

The RK008 in modular format
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Audeze - MM100 Headphones

The Manny Marroquin line gains a lighter sibling
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Verbos Electronics - Sawtooth Stack Standalone Module

5 oscillators panned and detuned across the stereo field
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Timeless Garden - Horizon Experimental Synth

Two Wing Pingers join forces in this experimental synth
Superbooth 2024: MyVolts Alchemist Power Hub Kickstarts Today

200 Watts of isiolated power - no grounding issues
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Modal Electronics - Talking About The Future Of Modal

What's in store for the UK company?
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Intuitive Instruments - Exquis Expressive Controller

The Exquis just became more exquisite
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Cosmotronic - Aphelion Distortion Module

Adding some beefy grit to your sound
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Chompi Club - Chompi Sampler

Limited edition Chompis are let loose
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Buchla - Music Easel Retro Synth

The Easel is back to celebrate its 50th anniversary
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Xaoc Devices - Berlin Wide Range Oscillator

An oscillator that can both rumble and speak to dogs
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Synthrise - Modular Synth Stand System

Expandable solutions for your kit
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Novation - Bass Station 2 10th Birthday

Ever wondered what 10 Bass Stations would sound like?
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Fraptools - Bagai - 411 Multipurpose Modules

New modules from Fraptools
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Doctron - IMC Saturation Module

High quality saturation for your audio
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Dirtywave - M8 MKII Tracker

The M8 gets a set of user guided updates
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Synthstrom Audible - Deluge Synth Sampler And Sequencer

The Deluge has been growing
SUPERBOOTH 2024: AMMT - Clutch High Hat Module

The perfect way to add some cutlery to your mix
SUPERBOOTH 2024: WMD - Performance Mixer MKII

Versatile mixer for live and studio
SUPERBOOTH 2024: U-He - Zebralette Soft Synth

The Zebralette gets a dark mode
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Tubbutec - Brainstep Sequencer

Anew brain for the centre of your eurorack system
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Tangible Waves - AE Modular System

The expanding low-cost modular format gets a quick swap case
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Supercritical - Redshift 6 Polysynth

Six part multitimbral plysynth
SUPERBOOTH 2024: RME - ADI 2 Remote Software Controller

A whole heap of new devices from RME
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Reason Studios - Reason 13 DAW

Reason gets a serious upgrade
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Chompi Club - Chompi Design

A glimpse of the design process of the Chompi
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Torso Electronics - S4 Sculpting Sampler

Merge tape-era workflows with cutting-edge technology
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Electra One MIDI Controller

Super-flexible MIDI controller that sends and receives sysex
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Nono - Major Tom Desktop Sequencer

Polyrhythmic performance sequencer
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Expressive E - Noisy 2 Bi-Timbral Synth

Bi-timbral noise-based soft synth with a wide range of possibilities
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Sound Workshop - Wiggler Expressive Mono Synth

Wiggly wobbly expressive monosynth
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Apollo View - Manic VCA Module

Module to give VCAs superpowers
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Tiptop Audio - Triax 8 Polyphonic Synth Module

Tiptop add to their ART polyphonic modular range
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Knobula - Echo Cinematic FX Module

Get those almost out of control dub delays and more
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Analog Sweden - Crum 2 Drum Machine

Generative percussive harmonic device
SUPERBOOTH 2024: AJH Synth - The Radiophonic Modular System

Limited edition synth recreates the vibe of Room 13 for Hans Zimmer
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Error Instruments - Candy Cloud Experimental Synth

A sweet synth for kids and adults
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Ableton - Push Sequencer

Push is playing along with modular
SUPERBOOTH 2024: XOR Electronics - Nerdseq Sequencer Expanders

Extended capabilities for the Nerdseq
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Lambda Synthetics - PolyPulse Algorithmic Sequencer

This algorithmic sequencer will be built directly after Superbooth
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Polyend - Tracker Plus

The original Tracker gets an upgrade
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Kiviak - WoFi Sampler

Small sampler keyboard that harks back to the 80s
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Fred's Lab - Manatee Spectral Synth

4-part spectral synth
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Erica Synths - ResonantEQ - Nightverb

New desktop and Eurorack units from Erica Synths
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Ohmforce - Ohmicide Distortion Module

The classic plugin is now in Eurorack form
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Arturia - Polybrute 12 Polysynth

The Polybrute but with more voices and MPE
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Moog - Spectravox Spectral Processor

Ten filters and a ten band vocoder for sweet, sweet sound-shaping
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Song Athletics - OSS One Shot Sampler

Access and trigger your one shots quickly and easily
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Korg Berlin - Acoustic Synthesis Phase 8 Electro-Acoustic Synth

Play in the worlds between acoustic and electronic instruments
SUPERBOOTH 2024: ALM Busy Circuits - MFX Pedal Multi-FX

Standalone multi effects processor
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Cyma Forma - ALT Soundscape Synthesizer

Analogue soundscapes with intricate motion capabilities
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Chase Bliss - Onward Sampler Pedal

The sampler pedal that listens and moves with you
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Embodme Erae 2 Multi-Touch Surface

Now ready for preorder
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Shakmat - Bishop's Miscellany - Griffin's Claws New Modules

Three new modules from Shakmat
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Finegear - Dirt Magnet - Modmix Tape Delay And Experimental Mixer

Dirty FX and experimental mixing
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Silhouette - Silhouette Sport Synth

The optical soundtrack synthesizer just got smaller
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Melbourne Instruments - Delia Synthesizer

Bi-timbral polysynth with Nina's motorized knobs
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Microrack - DIY Modules

Accessible DIY modules for all
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Austrian Audio - OC818 Condenser Microphone

Handbuilt in Vienna, and you can change polar patterns after recording
SUPERBOOTH 2024: FCPro Audio - Jump Mixthesizer

The performance mixer for your synths
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Elta Music - Solar 42 F Synthesizer

The Solar 42 continues to evolve
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Dreadbox - Murmux Polysynth

Limited edition 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Bastl - Crust - Thyme Plus Drum And Delay Modules

A drum voice and a delay module from Bastl
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Rides In the Storm QSQ Sequencer

8 Gates, 8 CV outs
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Wee Noise Makers - PGB-1 Groove Box

Pocket groovebox with six synths and two samplers
SUPERBOOTH 2024: PWM – Mantis Polysynth

The Mantis has arrived
SUPERBOOTH 2024: PWM - Mantis Polysynth

The Mantis has arrived
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Wavy Industries - Monkey Bluetooth Keyboard

Cute wireless keyboard with on board midi effects
SUPERBOOTH 2024: 4ms - MetaModule Eurorack Module

Virtual knobs and jacks controlling over 160 virtual modules
SUPERBOOTH 2024: This Is Not Rocket Science - Geometric Anomaly Synthesizer

Dual oscillator synth voice with filters envelopes and cross-modulation
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Oberheim - TEO-5 Synthesizer

That Oberheim sound in a more portable package
SUPERBOOTH 2024: UDO - Super 8 Polysynth

Brand new super-synth from UDO
SUPERBOOTH 2024: Pittsburgh Modular - Voltage Lab 2 Modular System

An entire synthesis laboratory with a wide palette of sonic textures
Superbooth 2024: Dreadbox Murmux Adept 8 voice Poly

Limited Run- the final in the Murmux Trilogy

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