SUPERBOOTH 2024: PWM – Mantis Polysynth

US The Mantis has arrived      16/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, we met up with Paul Whittington from PWM who presented the long-awaited Mantis synthesizer. The Mantis boasts a duophonic design with the capability to produce four fully formed voices, making it a potent polysynth. With 100 presets in each of its two banks, the Mantis offers a diverse range of sounds through its two filters which can be panned in the stereo field.

Mantis also includes onboard effects such as chorus and reverb, adding depth and character to its sonic capabilities, and can be powered via usb c. With MIDI control for every parameter and full-size MIDI connectivity, the Mantis was designed in collaboration with the late, great Chris Huggett, so it's bound to become a classic. 

Mantis Available now. Price: 1,599 Euros 1,349 GBP 1,499 USD


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