Spectrasonics Instruments Go Standalone

Updates for Keyscape, Omnisphere 2, Trilian and Stylus RMX include new standalone versions

Widen And Thicken Your Vocals

Sonnox introduces the VoxDoubler, the first plug-in of their new Toolbox range

NAMM 2018: Doepfer Intros Dark Energy III

Monophonic stand-alone synthesizer with USB and MIDI interface

Plug-In Measures Your Dynamic Range

HoRNet's Track Coherence helps set dynamic range for each track of your mix

New ADAM Studio Monitor Range

T Series are 2-way nearfield monitors



Processing To Make Your Drums Sound Great

Audified works with with Drum Workshop to introduce the DW Drum Enhancer

MIDI Controller For Novation's Circuit

Hardware device lets you control your groovebox without using a computer

Desktop Analog Monosynth Ships

Analogue Solutions has released the Treadstone synthBlock

NAMM 2018: Voltage Modular Sneak Peview

New company, Cherry Audio, posts a teaser video prior to the show

Rupert Neve Helps Design New Flagship Mic

sE Electronics and Rupert Neve Designs RNT is a multi-pattern tube condenser

more guitar news..


Arturia MiniBrute 2 -A Brand New Brute

New structure, sequencer, bigger patchbay

Sonic LAB: Roland D-05 Boutique

Classic 80s LA Synthesis

Presentation: Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Mic Modeling System

Emulate multiple mics, change proxmity and axis on the fly with UA Hardware

Friday Fun - Roland D-05 And Dominion 1

80s LA Synthesis and Analog power

MOST READ - this week

1 New Korg Rhythm Machine

KR-55 Pro features real recorded drum grooves

2 Korg Announces Prologue Polyphonic Analog Synth

Multi-voice, multi-timbre, multi-engine synth in 49 or 61 key versions

3 SONICWARE Aims To Reinvent The Synthesizer

ELZ_1 has various synthesis engines including FM, 8-bit wave memory and granular

5 Waldorf Announces String Synth And Vocoder

STVC adds 49 key keyboard and a vocoder to the Streichfett module

6 Korg Introduces The Volca Mix

Four-channel analogue performance mixer is added to the Volca line


Moogs New Drummer From Another Mother DFAM

Semi Modular Analogue percussion synth

Major Intel Security Flaw Could Cut Performance By 30%

Affects all platforms on chips for the last 10 years

Help Behringer Clone An Oberheim OB-Xa

The UB-Xa Synthesizer is announced - Behringer invites you to chime in and participate

Digitakt As 8 Voice Poly Synth Anyone?

Uses the Retrokits RK-002 Cable

Buchla Back In The USA

New company, new owners, new people

Behringer Reveals Vocoder/String Ensemble

VC340 seems to take its inspiration from the Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330

Behringer Tease Synth With Naked Circuit Shot

No clues, but something new?

The Perfect Eurorack Modular Starting Point?

Radikal Technologies announces the Delta CEP A paraphonic semimodular synthesizer

More Videos

Friday Fun - Roland D-05 And Dominion 1 

80s LA Synthesis and Analog power

Sonic LAB: Roland SH-01A Boutique 

Classic Roland SH-101 in ACB

Sonic LAB: Roland BoutiqueTR-08 Drum Machine 

Gaz Williams takes a look

Sonic LAB: BT Phobos - Polyconvolution Synth 

From Spitfire Audio