Last Set In Series Of RnB Construction Kits

Producer Loops releases RnB Chillout Sessions Vol 6

16 Minutes Of Modulus 002 Patches

More patches created for monster Brit poly

Chinese Lute Sample Library

Sound Magic releases Laurel Pipa Version 2.5

Monosynth VSTi for Windows

MaxSynths releases Nero

Source Distribution To Debut New Products

European debut of key products from WorxAudio and PreSonus at PLASA in London



New Wolfgangs

EVH launches the Wolfgang Standard series and revamps its Wolfgang Special series

EHX Overdrive And Reverb In One Pedal

Turnip Greens combines the Soul Food and the Holy Grail Max

Amptweaker Introduces TightDrive Pro

2 button version of the TightDrive overdrive pedal

Forget Sunburst - Try Slime Green Swirl

Jackson releases Pro DK2M Dinky Limited Run guitar

EHX Nano 360 Looper In Action

New video shows off the compact looper pedal



Podcast:Sonic TALK 375 - Tara Busch

Electribe, first releases

Sonic TOUCH ep 34: Korg Gadget Update and iConnect MIDI 4+

Two major updates to previous Gold Award winners

MOST READ - this week

1 Avid Choose Apogee As I/O Connectivity Partner

Company will offer Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet Audio Solutions

2 Two New Tascam USB Audio Interfaces

US-2x2 and US-4x4 launched

3 BPM 2014: Live Blog From The NEC

Rhythm Wolf, NI S-Series, Volca - lets seem em!

4 Next Generation Time Stretching Application


5 iZotope Drop RX4 For Even More Restoration

Advanced also adds a lot more features

6 The Electro-Harmonix Clockworks Returns

EHX announces reissue of the 1978 rhythm generator/synthesizer


A New Electribe

Korg announces the next generation of their Electribe music production station

Roland Release AIRA SBX-1 Sync Box

Universal hub for MIDI, USB, CV and Clock

Native Instruments Tease Us!

Komplete shares a glimpse of the future

New Korg Keyboard

Pa3X LE Professional Arranger announced

New Presonus Product

Can you figure out what it is from the teaser video?

Presonus Launches Rackmount Digital Mixers

StudioLive RM-series offer complete recallable touch control

New Version Of Mini Kaoss Pad

Korg announces launch of MiniKP2S

Akai Drop A Massive MPC OS Update With 1.7

AAX, Mixer updates, loop record plus 100 other tweaks

More Videos

Sonic LAB Review: Happy Nerding FM AID and Super Sawtor Modules 

We take a look at two Eurorack modules

Interview: Herr Doepfer Talks 

We had a chat with the man behind the Eurorack explosion

Sonic LAB Review: Presonus StudioLive AI Desk 

32.4.2 AI

BPM 2014: Moog Sub 37 Tribute In Stock 

Source Distribution show off theirs