CME Launch Indiegogo Campaign

Xkey Air: The Bluetooth Mobile Music Keyboard

Modular Synth Film Premiere

Special screening and electronic music event to launch I Dream Of Wires

Looper For iOS

Coding Cod Ltd. releases LoopTree

Tom Oberheim Speaks

A video interview with a synth pioneer

Roland SYSTEM-1m Demoed By Berklee Prof

Dr. Richard Boulanger, professor of Electronic Production and Design, gets hands-on in a new video series



New Wampler Tremolo Pedal

Latitude Standard is more compact than the Latitude Deluxe

A Bass Pedal For Bass Players

Wampler releases the Low Blow bass overdrive

Source Audio Releases The Vertigo Tremolo

Three distinct tremolo effects in one stompbox

More DOD Pedals Return

DigiTech announces DOD Meatbox Sub Synth and DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator pedal reissue

Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom

Epiphone announces a new limited edition guitar for the Black Sabbath guitarist



Arturia Beatstep Pro Presentation Exclusive

On the eve of release we get a good look

Podcast: Sonic TALK 409 - Post Glasto Kanye Come Down

LFO the movie, AJH Synth Mini Mod, Scope art

Synth Works:Abstract Data - Show Us Their Workshop

UK maker sends us some insider snaps

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig

Live modular performance setup

Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?

Podcast: Sonic TALK 408 - Reface and Glastonbury

Travelling lite, grumpy engineers,

Top Five Pedal Board Options For Guitarists

You've got your pedals, now you need a board to put them on

MOST READ - this week

2 Think Of The Synthesizer As A Fly In A Matchbox!

Synthesis explained by Thomas Dolby with the help of Muppets

3 Dave Smith Speaks

The man behind Sequential and DSI talks in an interview on YouTube

4 Roland Releases AIRA Modular Customizer

Free app controls the internal signal path of Roland AIRA Modular effects

5 Headphone Vitalizer

Sound Magic releases a tool to enhance headphones

6 From Mic To Mix With Mike Clink

The Recording Academy hosts an event in Seattle


Hear The Worlds First Digital Additive Synth

Play the Star Wars theme and more

Ringo Rocks - Its Official

Dave Grohl, Chad Smith Stewart Copeland and others say so

Roland JD-XA In White

Unique white edition has been specially made for DJ Hardwell

Elka Synthex Funding Project Ended

Target not reached - whats next?

Hear A Track From Alessandro Cortini's New Album

The all round great guy is at it again!

Eventide Tease New H9 Algorithm

Sounds like its more, guitar-y

Fender Announces North American Promotion

A free set of strings and a tune-up for Fender owners

More Videos

Meet The Makers - Make Noise 

Tony Rolando speaks in part four of our series

Meet The Makers - The Harvestman 

Part 2 with our chats with the masters of Eurorack

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig 

Live modular performance setup

Cymru Beats15: Entrospec Iungo - CV to MIDI With A Twist 

MIDI note memory CV trigger