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   amped    NAMM 2015: Interesting New Roland Bluescube Update
  You could soon get your favourite guitarist's amp sound

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4:10 mins    

  NAMM 2015: iZ Technology RADAR Studio
  The worlds first integrated DAW

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4:15 mins

  NAMM 2015: Roland's New JD-XA - Big Daddy Of JD-Xi
  Now this looks interesting too

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1:9 mins

  NAMM 2015: Make Noise First Look
  Tony Rolando gives us a look at 3 new modules from Make Noise

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9:53 mins

  NAMM 2015: Roland JDXi First Look
  Roland's new "Synth Crossover"

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5:7 mins

  NAMM 2015: Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Reissue
  A faithful recreation of a classic - but with some interesting new features

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   amped    NAMM 2015: Rock and Roll High - a Must-Watch For Parents With Budding Rockstar Kids
  A new way of learning guitar for the rockstars of tomorrow

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4:57 mins

   amped    NAMM 2015: GTC Revpad Guitar Effect Needs To Be Seen To Be Understood
  A pad surface which allows you to control EIGHT effects with one finger

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9:46 mins

click to view and listen   Podcast:Sonic TALK 389 - Damn! Its NAMM!
  What we know, and what we dont know

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92:36 mins

   amped    BOSS BD-2w Waza Craft Review: Beano In A Box Gets Amped Up
  Bigger, meaner and heavier than its older brother - the BD-2

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7:58 mins

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