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Sonic State Latest Media
  Superbooth 2017: Advanced Circuit Lab - High End Eurorack Modules
  We took a look at these really high end modules

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11:19 mins     Help us reach 100k

click to view and listen   Podcast: Sonicstate TALK 489 - Superbooth Aftershow
  With DivKid Rich Hilton and Dave Spiers

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114:21 mins

  Sonic LAB: ReVoice Pro 3.3 Part 2 Vocal Timing
  Editing timing and pitch

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18:4 mins

  Superbooth 17: XAOC Devices - Crazy New 8 bit Sub System!
  Tomek Shows Off All 6 of XAOC's new modules

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10:59 mins

  Superbooth 17: Squarp Instruments Pyramid Sequencer - Easily the Centre of Your Set up
  We take a look at this interesting MIDI sequencer

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8:3 mins

  Superbooth 17: U-he Zebra New Features Preview
  A sneak preview of the soon to be released Zebra 2 update

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4:48 mins

  Superbooth 17: Kilpatrick Audio Tungsten Hand Held
  Linux based music app platform prototype

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5:49 mins

  Superbooth 17: Joué Interchangable Control Surface
  Mulltiple options to tap squeeze and rub

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7:1 mins

  Superbooth 17: Studio Electronics Tonestar With Classic Roland Filter
  Tonestar 8106

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5:23 mins

  Superbooth 17: Digitana EMS Synthi-a-like
  Expansion modules and a synth voice coming soon

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4:5 mins

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