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Sonic State Latest Media
  Superbooth 17: Behringer DeepMind 12 Desktop & DeepMind 6
  Two new synths added to the DeepMind line

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5:30 mins     Help us reach 100k

  Superbooth 17: Novation Peak 8 Voice Hybrid Synth
  We get a closer look

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 | Flash Video
18:40 mins

  Superbooth 17: Elektron Digitakt - We Finally Hear It!
  And we like what we hear

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
24:26 mins

  MESSE 2017: Radial Engineering New Products
  Always have Interesting Useful Boxes

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
8:29 mins

  MESSE 2017: Adaptive Array Masterclass From EAW
  Ever wondered how the latest PA tech works?

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
11:0 mins

  MESSE 2017: Wave Field Synthesis: Fraunhofer Flat Panel Speakers
  A lot of technology crammed into a small space

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
9:52 mins

  MESSE 2017: Studio Preamps & Comp from Dizengoff
  Classic Tube designs with a Chicago Twist

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
4:59 mins

  MESSE 2017: Celestion Axi2050 - Holy Grail of Drivers?
  300-20,000Hz with No Crossover - really?!

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
3:39 mins

  MESSE 2017: ATC Show New SCM12Pro Speaker
  Small but perfectly formed

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
4:0 mins

  MESSE 2017: Sonic Farm Grows Range of Preamps
  There's some lovely produce down on their Farm

   QuickTime (MP4)  | iOS MP4
12:57 mins

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