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arrowReleased: ?  arrowVersion: 4.02
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roman writes:
GoldWave 4.02. I've been using the Shareware Version for couple of weeks now. I did buy the registration, I liked the simplicity but, The 40+ $US is too steep for this program. I wish that the share ware people would just use two weeks limit instead of the annoying pop-ups. This is not a pro wave editor. It will not do loops or SDS or high quality effects. But if you want something that will trim and record and fade in/out, this thing will deliver fast. Real good visual interface. This is ideal wave editor for the down loaded wave files. . And has free upgrades for life? Quick trimming, adjust the loudness and best of all, it lets you mix few wave files together to make a unique sound and save the result. Ready to be loaded in to a sampler for the rest of the tweaking.

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 GoldWave GoldWave 4.02 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: stereo
Maximum Resolution:16?
free upgrades

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