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Nick writes:
Ah, trusty SDII. Responsible for the standard Mac file type for Logic,ProTools and Cubase too. This was the first digital editing software I ever used (on the Atari ST!) Simple playlist based editing is what it's best at - also has it's own plugin format (versions before 2.9 or Audiosuite)

Good Points
Simple, and straight forward. Can draw the waveform - useful for repairs.Audio scrubbing.
Bad Points
Support is intermittent from Digidesign due to their other software (ProTools,Audiosuite). Poor dithering and SR conversion,I think it's days are numbered.

 Digidesign SoundDesigner II Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 2 stereo editor
Maximum Resolution:8-24bit@48khz
Has a basic graphic, though Waves make (amongst others) various native plug-gins for realtime or destructive processing
Again, available from third party plug-ins
Filetypes supported:
Interleaved,split, wav and AIF
Hardware supported:
SoundTools II, AudioMedia I/II/III,ProTools I/II/III

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