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 JSH SL5300 SPRING REVERB At a Glance  
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Anonymous writes:
This is a vintage peice of equipment. When I first heard the spring it sounded CRAP. stomping your feet on the floor makes it ping! BUT put a break through and it sounds instantly like PORTISHEAD (They may even use one). The rap on Sugarhillgang's 'Rappers delight' sounds like it went through this. Playing guitar through it sounds instantly RETRO. I think it was originally a guitar effects unit but built in a 19" rack casing because of the spring.

Good Points
Instant RETRO. Characteristic sound. Great 'Lo-Fi' effects unit. Goes mental when placed on top of a speaker and fed a sound.
Bad Points
No midi control. 'Pings' when it is not required to.

 JSH SL5300 SPRING REVERB Specifications:

Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
Bypass via foot pedal


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