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arrowReleased: 1999  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Fat Elvis writes:
Not a multi FX but a dedicated 24bit digital reverb unit with 100 factory programs and 100 user memories.There are two reverb engines that can be used in various configurations along with an effects block to add a small amount of modulation and Rolands RSS technology for some 3D flavour.

There is a 3 tier editing system which is a piece of p*ss to use, either when scratching the surface or getting in deep. Three main parameters are available on dedicated knobs at all times for quick tweaking.

No complaints about the quality and variety of the reverbs on offer here.Everything from the inside of a dustbin to a yodel in the Grand canyon can be dialled up in its detailed splendour.Wonderful.

Good Points
A cool mode called dynamic separation which can apply a different reverb to two elements of the same signal depending on a user-programmed template.Take a drumloop and give the kick and snare different reverbs. Works great once you've figured out how to set it up (see note on manual) An audition feature which uses internal samples of various instruments to let you hear what each reverb does - you can even record your own samples for the purpose and store them on a memory card for the front panel slot.
Bad Points
Roland manuals editor-in-chief has to be Stanley Unwin.More information please, in a form we can understand.

 Roland SRV3030 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
s/pdif interface in the SRV3030D version at £699
Analog IOs:
XLR and quarter inch jacks stereo in/stereo out
Midi IOs:
in, out/thru

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