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Alex Feige writes:
A nice effects unit, comparable with the Alesis Midiverb II but still about 10 Euro cheaper at ebay. The sound quality is acceptable, even regarding its price. It offers preset effects, mostly reverbs but also (fixed) delays, flangers and others. Of course there's a "wet-dry" and bypass-function as well as a -12 and 0 dB led. It can be controlled by MIDI, too.

Good Points
-Very cheap nowadays -Offers all basic often-needed effects in an acceptable qualtity regarding its price -MIDI controlled
Bad Points
-presets only, not even the delay-time can be changed

 ART Multiverb LT Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
1x in, 1xout
Midi IOs:
Maximum Resolution:44,1 KHz, 16 bit

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