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 Event EZbus At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: late '01  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 7.5/10arrow User reviews: (11)
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Dub Theorist writes:
This Board is almost everything i intially thought it would be. What is that? well how about 18 analog inputs plus 8 digi I/O's. i initially thought that the routing matrix would be more complicated than it is, meaning i thought all the in's would be instantly routable to the all the outs in whatever config. This isnt exactly how it works. Lemme see if i can say this right, on Mic/Line 1 and 2 if you are using the XLR connections the Phono Inputs are disabled. on I/O 5,6,7 and 8 the inputs of each, that is A B and C, are summed up to one input/control/routing. for example, if i have a keyboard rig set upand i was using all inputs 5abc,6abc,7abc,8abc i would only be able to control the volumes of each group ,ie 5ABC, not each input a b or c of group 5. This isnt really a bad thing, it just is not what i expected. Will you be able to control these input levels in the future, good question for Event? this just means that you will have to be more aware of the volumes from your sources and they will need to be proper line level outputs as well, since the trim of each group affects all the inputs on that group. same for the Dynamics Processing. You will have a total of 8 dynamics processing, one for each of the primary channel groups. This Includes Gating and Compression/Limiting. I am very happy with the Speed and clarity these provide, they may not be the best at what they do, but they are solid and failry transparent. So far i have only really been able to explore the Audio portion of this board. I have only had this thing a week and not really been able to explore the potential with the Control Surface aspects. one word onthe control portion of this board, YOU HAVE TO USE windows ME/XP or MAX OS X.1 to get the full audio, midi and bulk functionality, otherwise in 98/2k or OS9 you only have audio over the usb, this is not Events Fault but the fault of the USB support in the respective OS's. There is software that comes with the EZbus, but i have not speant much time with that as of yet. i will get the midi portions working this week and maybe giv eyou guys an update. Check out Kilo-Skree @ for future mixes from this wonderful device.

Good Points
--The audio Routing capabilities --The 8 Ch of compression. --Digi I/O --96k over USB!!!! --Midi interface and control
Bad Points
--Corps web site is definately not the best. --the routing isnt as complete as i once thought (not really that big a prob).

 Event EZbus Specifications:

Digital IOs:
8 ADAT lightpipe I/O 2PDIF outs 1 SPDIF in
Analog IOs:
18 simultaneous in's 8 outs
Midi IOs:
USB midi I/O 2 Midi I/O
Maximum Resolution:24bit 96k
3 band Eq after firmware upgrade w/sweepable mids
Dynamic Controls NoiseGate and Compression

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