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arrowReleased: around 1996  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Ben Grotto writes:
-Powered near-field reference monitors -200W -38Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB -HF driver: 1" silk dome -LF driver: 8" mineral filled polypropylene cone

Good Points
-huge frequency response -stunning bass reproduction -amazing stereo imaging (the imaging on these is better than my headphones!!) -super clean, almost no listening fatigue -very accurate -frequency response is adjustable to room via HF and LF trims
Bad Points
-the LF and HF trims don't click back into the "0" postion, so the user must eyeball it if he/she wishes to set the frequency response to "flat"

 Event Electronics 20/20bas Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
balanced/unbalanced TRS, XLR
Other IOs:
Aux sends: n/a
Maximum Resolution:n/a
Power Rating
LF: 130W; HF: 70W

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