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arrowReleased: 1998  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Albert writes:
The PCM-91 is a high quality reverb effect box from Lexicon. In their product range it stands between the top of the line M480L and the MPX-1, though I would say it sounds a lot closer to the 480 than the MPX-1.

The PCM-91 sounds incredible, truly first-class. The reverbs are gorgeous, lush and beautiful, with super smooth tails. The first thing I noticed was how real the reverbs sound; they simulate an acoustic space very accurately and believably. Using a piano patch I could clearly hear the size of the hall the piano was "in". On sustained sounds like choirs and strings the reverbs are spectacular.

I've done extensive comparison tests between my PCM-91 and my MPX-1 and there is no contest, the PCM-91 clearly has the far superior reverbs. The MPX-1 reverb sounds really nice, but the PCM-91 sounds, well...artistic. A different realm entirely. The level of editing depth is far greater on the PCM-91, as well.

The PCM-91 also has those nice little pro touches like a SCMS defeat option on the digital out, and even control over the sysex dump speed. If you want an awesome sounding top-flight reverb, the PCM-91 is definitely one to consider.

Good Points
Superb sound. Excellent midi implementation. Editing parameters out the wazoo. GO mode for simplified editing, PRO mode for deep editing allow the user to customize the OS for his/her needs. Keyword searching. AES/EBU & SPDIF digital IN/OUT. Balanced XLR & TRS IN/OUT.
Bad Points
The only bad thing about the PCM-91 is that once you get it in your rack you will hate every other reverb you have.

 Lexicon PCM-91 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Balanced XLR, TRS
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
Footswitch, Foot Controller
Maximum Resolution:48kHZ/20bit

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