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AKG Factory page
AKG's archive of vintage models Site is mostly in German.
AT857AMa Detailed information
Beyer Home Page
Catalogue of microphones Every mic in current professional use
Crown Home Page
Grace Design micpres at Studio Solutions markets and sells Grace Design mic pres and matched pairs of well known Russian microphones
Low Cost Microphones High Quality, Low Cost Condenser Microphones
Manufacturer of professional microphones for stage and studio.
Matched Oktavas, Nevaton, LOMO and RTT mics Reseller of russian microphones. Thoroughly testen both in Russia and in Sweden. Comes with a two year warranty.
MBHO Microphones MBHO Microphones high quality German made microphones with a very wide range of models.
MD 421 by Sennheiser
Michael Hartkopf's Microphone Database Great Information On Microphones
Napolitan and Italy song Cantante-showman Italiano
Nevaton Microphones Nevaton ranks amongst the finest microphones in the world.
Recording & Mastering Studios - Italy
Red5 Audio Scottish microphone company that sells direct!
Review of the Rode NT1 by Rich the Tweak
Rode NT1 Review @ a review of a great budget mic.
Russian mics RTT, Lomo, Oktava, Elation, Nevaton, etc
Shure Home Page
Shure page
Shure SM57 Review @ A review of the mic.
Tweak reviews the SM81 A great mic for acoustic guitar
What is the BEST MIC for my HOME Studio an overview by Rich the Tweak