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roman a Professional user from USA writes:
When it comes to the ultimate rip-off UNISYN by Mark of the Unicorn wins the first prize. STAY away from this one. This is the most expensive editor/librarians out there but these people will not give you any updates. The files/ profiles are from 95 and 96. If you want EL that keeps up with time and new synths then go for one of the other editors. The tech support is, we'll get back to you someday. And I've only been able to make this thing work with D550 synth. And even then, it will not work with the reverb settings. Every profile has some kind of a note that states this is not 100% or you have to do this or that and settle for what ever. Any thing good about this EL? It has the most simple LOOKING interface when compared to the others. But then again I AM NOT exaggerating about this EL when it comes to the lousy incomplete And half ass editor. You've been warned!

posted Sunday, 04-Apr-99 at 15:42
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