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Clyde a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Contrary to what the OP said, MJC8 user manuals can be easily found at the Yamaha Manual Download page. I've been using an MJC8 for 20+ years to set up my midi routing in my keyboard rig/home studio. It allows you to connect 8 instruments/devices and after you set up your "midi patches", you can completely change how your midi signals are routed with a single button push. I use my MJC8 with two Yamaha MEP4 midi event processors, so as well as changing my midi routing with a single button push, all of my synths/modules will go to the correct patch/function with one program change message from the MEP4s. I've had as many as seven synths/modules and a midi reverb unit controlled this way, makes managing your setup quite easy.

posted Wednesday, 23-Feb-11 at 21:20
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