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LAva56 a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
I've just bought a second hand Midi Express XT without the drivers for Windows. Can someone Please tell me where they are available. I've tried the MOTU site, But nothing there.

posted Wednesday, 26-May-04 at 5:0
buzz a Professional user from Oz writes:

Driver disappeared and loaded in driver for PC Flyer interface.

Was frustrated and translated a german website (with google) mand found an older driver for XP (for the express XT.

Wow it worked ...I hope it doesn't disappear again but I have rebooted a few times and it seems fine.

One thing I did different to the instructions was to enable plug and play on my parralell port (in device manager settings.

I am very happy it works is the link.

posted Tuesday, 17-Feb-04 at 4:58
Buzz a Professional user from Oz writes:
I bought my Midi Exprees XT in 1996 and it has been bullet proof.

Its timeing is impecable.

For instance I tried a generic onboard sound card on a friends computer (P4 2000 on XP). And I would play a piano on midi to a 4/4 beat and when I played it back it was all over the place. I had heard of pepple having MIdi timing issues but I could not understand as I had never had timing problems with the MOTO Midi Express XT.

I even did post production on a film and had my whole system working off the smpte inputs.

I have just migrated the XT over to my 4th computer over the years.(P4 3000 gigabte 1000 pro2 mother board with intel 865pe chipset)

Its the first time I'm on XP. I followed previos post's instructions on how to install the WDM driver but it didn't work.

I uninstalled it and rebooted and let XP find it which it did and then I pointed XP to the unzipped folder and Ba worked.

I can only recomend one other Midi interface and that is the Midi Timepeice AV as this has the additional function of LTC time code as well as smpte.

Ltc picks up time code from the video signal and has no need to stripe an audio track with smpte.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 10-Feb-04 at 23:31
tim a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I bought a Motu 896 about two years ago. The system worked okay but I found the software very confusing (for Mac OS 9). I finally sold it and am so relieved to never have to deal with Motu again. I recommend that anyone thinking about using a Motu product think twice.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Monday, 19-Jan-04 at 14:40
Michael Tamburello a Professional user from USA writes:
I'm having difficulty installing the drivers for MOTU Midi Express. Does anyone have them? I don't understand why my computer cannot find them on the disk. Do they not come with the install files? MOTU techincal support sucks and is so unprofessional. I do not recommend that one purchases their equipment due to the complete lack of support once they have your money. These guys are stuckup, rude, elitist, shisters! What a bunch of amatures!

posted Tuesday, 06-Jan-04 at 15:38
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