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Kenji a part-timer user from USA writes:
Hello everyone! Could somebody tell me why the Tascam788 is better than Korg D12(or vice versa). Thanks!

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Sunday, 06-Jan-02 at 22:39
Warren Padellney a Professional user from Canada writes:
This unit is great (especially at its price)!! I had a piece of garbage, ancient four track for the longest time and finally decided to get something halfway respectable. The 788 is ridiculously easy to use (I have the CDR as well and am still amazed at the simplicity of its use) and sounds great. A big bonus is Tascam's website - they've got a message board that is very, very helpful for dealing with simple and complex problems. In using this machine I've never come upon anything that I wanted to do but couldn't and must say that I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase. The only little annoyance is that it resets your fader and EQ settings when you put it into mixdown mode, but it's not that much of a hassle to enter them again.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 23-Nov-01 at 17:43
Ron a part-timer user from U.S. of A. writes:
This box rocks! I own the CDR788 with it (among other things), so I'll do my best to keep my comments to the unit as a standalone recorder. First off, I've been doing recording now for 10 years, but this is my first dedicated hard disk recorder purchase. I worked with everything from ADATs to multitrack minidisks, so when I made my purchase, I needed to be as satisfied as possible. I was looking at everything from a FD4 to the MD8, but I felt I was compromising in all aspects. Money ran tight, and I had to wait an extra month...and then I heard about the 788. This has been an absolutely great purchase. It's 24bit recording is smooth on the low end, and defined, not harsh, in the highs. The EQs are quite musical, and very useful. The onboard effects are good, comparable to low to mid-end outboards. The compressors in particular are quite good, and I am more pleased with them each day. The interface is extremely user friendly, and very intuitive. If you have a basic knowledge of recording, you'll get around quite easily. The only functions that take time to learn are the advanced editing and such, but that's to be expected, and was quicker than usual. I use my 788 primarily as a recorder for vocals in a MIDI setup. I've recorded to it with a Rode NT1, and various dynamic mics, and am well pleased with how it captures each mic. I can't comment on the guitar effects (haven't recorded any yet, but soon), but I hear that they are fair. My one main gripe with this machine is that they coupled the phone and monitor level control together, so you can't turn up the phones without doing the same to your monitors. I get around it by just switching the monitors off/down at the source. Also, at the moment, with the CDR788, it doesn't save images, so it has to create a new playlist each time you burn a disk. I have a standalone recorder, so it doesn't bother me that much. All in all, a great recorder with 8 total tracks of 24bit audio.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 15-Mar-01 at 19:17
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