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fpolicy a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I managed to find a HUI at a great price and can confirm that it works perfectly with Cubase 4. Of course, it was designed originally with Pro Tools in mind, but most of the important functions work (transport, shuttle, channel strip mute, send, pan, etc.) You just have to add the HUI under Device Setup, assign the midi in/out. Great thing is the ability to view/edit plugin and eq parameters using the knobs, as well as the scribble strips which show 4 letters of the track name. Motorized faders, meter bridge, large display, and solidly constructed. The only problem is how to fit this beast into my setup! Highly recommend.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 11-Dec-09 at 14:5
sjmojo a Professional user writes:
its a semi-bargain for me,but maybe not a bargain for u...cuz i bought it just for $650.the weak ponit is:it only works for dp and pt,not for other daw or ss.and the new mackie control has been released at only $999 brand new,and it can work for almost all daw:cubase,logic,dp,pt,nuendo,sonar...and for both pc and mac need to say there are more competitors available:houston,control freak,etc,even the babyhui from the same mother mackie selling more cheaper.wellwell,the strongpoint of the hui now still has:full 8 stereo chaNELL meterbridge,full control of pt functions,talkback mic,big alphadial(babyhui lost this).i run it w/ my p4/xpsp1/mbox/ptv5.3.3 for 32trk hd recording happily.yes,for me,i;m not using mac now,so the hui is only for my pt/mbox,$650 maybe a silly money,but the convenience brings me efficiency.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Sunday, 29-Dec-02 at 5:7
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