Sonic State Studio / CD writing software / ADAPTEC Jam 2.5

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balbertine a Professional user from Los Angeles CA writes:
We've been using Toast for some time now to write data CD backups for clients and ourselves. Now clients are wanting audio CD refs instead of cassettes, so we bought Jam and it does a terrific job. As a high profile post production house in a very competitive market its important that we deliver the highest quality to our clients, which means fully "legal" Red Book when it comes to audio CD's. Jam does it smartly, easily, and quickly with the 8x burners we've got in the Mac G3's. Whether we're building a tracklist of SDII files created in ProTools sessions or simply extracting audio off a library CD for inclusion into the track list, the software works flawlessly. BTW, Jam is the bomb for cloning full CD's with all P and Q channel info carried faithfully across to the clone, so it truly replicates the source disk. Very few products in this world deserve a 10, but I'll vote 10 for Jam.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 13-Feb-00 at 2:34
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