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Average rating: 9.6/10 out of 10

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neven dayvid a Professional user from berlin writes:
for its price - very good value and quality. easy to operate, many nice experimental fx, and warm reverbs with at times amazing stereo width. tweakable and very friendly interface. if you can get one for under 200, go for it, you won´t regret. ps. the bypass "click" mentioned by another reviewer does not happen on my unit.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 06-Jan-05 at 13:14
Kenzo Watari a part-timer user from US writes:
Well, with all these 10/10s Im affraid I have to ad a little critism. I agree to almost every thing that has been said so far. The units greatest value is in its extreem flexibility in routing and do it all abilities. Just for this I don't think I'll ever give it up. However I don't think, even for the money that this is a great sounding unit. The reverbs are a little metalic and the flangers/choruses are a little digital and week. -This is not to say it sounds bad, it certainly beats the pants of any budget Alesis unit but it is not in the same league as two channel units of the same price. Don't get me wrong, this is an awsome machine, espcially in the role of an all purpose utility box, its just not gods gift to effects processors.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 15-Aug-02 at 17:37
miccom a part-timer user from belgium writes:
fantastic effects-unit! it's really every bit as good as Spectralab says. has a quick interface. it isn't 'that' deep, but most of the effects-parameters have been chosen sensibly (more parameters would make it less quick to edit and would probably hurt more than do good except with delays and super quality reverbs). most efx can be used in serial to add extra depth. (a reverse shifter(18) followed by a haaspanner(23); or a ping pong delay(16) and a pitch roller (34) or whatever!!). reverbs are very realistic when you set them up right, delays are fairly editable (though i realise i need a more sophisticated unit for this). overall it's the best unit to start building an decent efx rack with or a superb addendum to an existing one (= this statement actually covers the entire music-making population; and so it should be!). the only fx-unit i know of that has a doppler effect (and a decent one too - like it better than the one in my esi-4000 which couldn't even process it in realtime hihi)). also has an especially good haaspanner. i do use the compressor at times (though only as an effect not for anything subtle).

SO you can't miss the boat with this one! great variety of features, great choices for combinations--- damn near perfect for the money! my best ever buy award goes to the sony dps-v55 - no doubt!!!

(unit usually goes for 300$ or less!!)

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 16-Jul-01 at 11:5
spectralab a Professional user from a long time ago in a galaxy far away writes:
As an addendum to my earlier comments, the reverbs, which I forgot to mention, are also superb. Everything from your standard (and excellent sounding) halls, plates, rooms, etc. to dense ambienence w/ 50 second tails! The Early Reflection and 3D algorithms only add to any of the verb algorithms when used in serial with them. Placing a 3D module after a 50-sec. hall reverb and widening the 3D image to it's max really gives a nice field depth to the reverb - so much so that I think I called that particular combo "GrndFcknCnyn" (only 12-characters to the effect names)... well, suffice to say I must like this unit to be posting about it twice... but mostly just wanted to mention that the reverbs are very high-calibre, particularly for this price range.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 03-Jun-01 at 2:4
spectralab a Professional user from a beautiful place out in the country writes:
This unit has the best value for $$$ ratio in it's price range, easily. Unfortunately it appears to have been discontinued (I got the last one in a blowout sale here, at any rate).

Not only is it extremely intuitive and easy to use and edit your own effect combos, it also sounds great and has very a minimal noise floor. The only "noise" I've gotten from it has been from very long reverb times or modulation effects such as phasers - which is nothing unusual for those types of effects.

Breaking down the effects individually, the mod-based stuff (chorus/flange/phase/tremolo etc.) are all very nice. Delays are nice and programmable. Pitch shifters are admittedly more useful for weird effects as opposed to corrective applications. The Doppler effect, with a bit of tweaking, is particularly convincing. Wah, amp and rotary simulators are all high-calibre, particularly the rotary. The dynamics and EQ stuff I don't really use, as I prefer to leave those functions to dedicated (and analog) units.

Also of note is the fact that you get 200 spots for user presets - equivalent to the internal memory. NOt all manufacturers are so kind in this regard (*cough* Lexicon). Also has full Sound Diver supports, so full banks of user presets can be easily loaded/saved by MIDI. I haven't tried the Sound Diver editing interface, but the reason for that is that editing is so easy from the front panel.

A couple minor complaints: the bypass button clicks quite noticably when (dis-)engaged. Also, when giving names to your own presets during the save procedure, each subsequent character space starts at the same letter as entered in the previous space, which is a little annoying until you get used to it. But honestly, the only reason I'm even complaining is so that this review doesn't seem too biased.

In all, I think my sales guy had it right when he said "Sony don't do effects boxes often, but when they do, they do it right".

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 02-Jun-01 at 19:24
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