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HGN a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
I already have a multi-effects module from Digitech (Studio S200). I only use a small portion of the features provide by the S200 when connect it to my Mackie mixer (keyboard & vocal). Lately I have used it only for vocal. For vocal the S200 effect quality is not great. Not wanting to pay premium for new effect unit, I have read various comments and concentrate on unsed unit costing less than US $200. Last month, I got the TC Electronics M300 on Ebay. Again since only use the M300, only a small subset of it is tested intensively. The sound qualily of the M300 is much superior compared to the Digitech S200. It is coloful yet the mixed sounds are clear, and after burned the recorded sessions (using Cubase), I and my friends can easily recongnize the subtlety (and nuances) in the recorded vocals in the mix. The same (parallel sessions) mixes from the Digitech Studio S200 were muddy. I have quickly sale the S200 on a local website and keep the TC Electronic M300 instead.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 03-Sep-09 at 11:13
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