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Average rating: 9.8/10 out of 10

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Sane from Canada writes:
I'm so happy i found this baby I'm running a DAW 16x16 in my Studio and it fit the bill perfect running an 8 Channel outboard Op Comp on the Busses and have had no issues will be expending to 24x24 and this board will fit using the 8 Busses 8 Direct Out's 6 Aux's and 2 Masters I will bring everything back in is no problem as all In's have Mic/Tape selection perfect for mixin outside the box.......have no idea why this desk was so cheap $375 its clean decent EQ and Mic Pre's faders are typical feel a bit cheap but are 80mm and there are no dead spots if you can find one for under 1000 grab it it's worth the cash I think you'll see these board's start to climb once people start to catch on to this large format beauty.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 24-Oct-10 at 19:11
Chas a Professional user from USA writes:
This recording mixer is a real sleeper and a true gem. It is one of the quietest I have ever used. I have used this in a professional setting for years and have no reason to change. Great headroom, metering and routing. There is nothing that has failed on this mixer.NOTHING! Not a knob, button, fader etc. Forget about Mackie and similar boards. If you are doing everything (recording, summing/mixing) in the box you are missing alot of what a well designed small console/mixer can do for your mixes. Getting harder to find. Grab one if you can!

posted Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 at 11:34
projectstudioguy a Professional user from USA writes:
the mackie killer. this was the board yamaha released in the 90s that was supposed to blow away everything else in the mid price bracket for recording boards. it betters mackie in every way and offers sound quality easily as good as the big name commercial boards. great mic pres by the way also included. I wish it was 16 buss and I wish it had a talkback mic built in (it's sad to waste a channel and a mic just for talkback). These boards are super cheap because yamaha was going all digital when this was released and even though this board has much better specs than any of their early digital boards it was never marketed very strongly. hence you can buy one for $500 or $600 if you shop around (anything under $800 is a steal for these boards).

It really is a superb sounding desk. The input channels work wonders on vocals. These are just too inexpensive for words and far better than anything else under $1000.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 09-Jul-07 at 16:10
Don a Professional user from Canada writes:
Absolutely the best sounding 24 channel 8 buss mixer you can buy for $400 canadian ($350 or so USA). I had a Tascam 24 channel 4 buss before that was starting to have some issues, then I searched and searched, new items, used items, classic hardware, everything to find an upgrade and replacement for our studio. The Rm800 is soooooooo quiet and soooooooooooo noise free it blows comparable mackies away, new and used. Behringer? decent sounding, a little too noisy also, but we all know their quality problems. Mackie too actually. Yamaha quality is top notch, the only thing that's I wish is that the faders felt more, well, nice. But they're very smooth and don't have any grabby feeling spots in them, and all faders and pots are completely quiet. The pan knobs for directing buss outputs on channels work nicely with some kind of fancy sensors that route all signal 100% to the appropriate busses if the knob is turned just a little bit in that direction, which means no fancy mixdown buss fading tricks (almost never done anyway) but also means incredible channel separation, better than the competition by far. VERY powerful built in headphone amp, no problem driving my akg 240s to very high levels with absolute clarity, great connectivity, and even though it's 8 busses with the 8 direct outs on channels 17-24 it really serves as a 16 output mixer. 56 inputs at mixdown (if memory serves) will definitely be more than we'll ever need since we're running a 20 input/20 output pro tools system with this board. Also has a nice submixer input which we use with an external board for drum subs when the tracking gets too hairy with huge groups.

Buy this (BIG) mixer and enjoy, IMHO. Nice metering too, quite useful and nice looking. This is THE sleeper analog mixing bargain of the 21st century!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 31-Jan-07 at 13:42
a part-timer user writes:
Kick butt mixer for the price!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 26-Feb-02 at 1:5
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