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In-depth Feature:  Behringer ADA-8000
Nick B writes: .

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Uli Behringer casual, but smart
The fact that Behringer can make the price so low on most of their stuff makes it almost impossible to criticize, but I'll have a go anyhow. For direct connection to a soundcard when you need to monitor your direct signal, I feel it is essential to have zero latency monitoring, I know that this is not the primary function of the ADA-80000, but as I said previously a 'Direct' monitor option would certainly make sense. It would have been a nice touch to be able to switch phantom power discretely for each channel or even in fours - remember to turn down your monitors when you throw the switch on all eight channels!

Other than that, I could do without the grinning picture of the eternally youthful Uli Behringer in the manual, but that's just a personal preference.

I can't really say much against this piece of Behringer gear, as I said before, it's becoming more the case with their stuff - it's well thought out, does what it says and is very competitively priced, actually, I can't think of anything in this price range that even comes close.

Behringer ADA-8000
$279.99 USD

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