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In-depth Feature:  Behringer ADA-8000
Another price-busting unit from Behringer for the studio
Nick B writes: .

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Love em or hate em, Behringer are a powerful driving force in the world of hi-tech products. Their relentless release schedule and aggressive pricing has driven down the cost of many products, putting pressure on other manufacturers to do the same and making the whole product area more competitive and therefore cheaper for us.

Designed as an add-on bank of converters for their DDX3216 Digital console, the ADA-8000 8-channel A to D and D to A and can be used to interface with any ADAT equipped digital equipment.


The ADA-8000 is a single, 19 inch rack-mount unit and is essentially 8 channels of 24-bit A to D conversion featuring 8 of Behringers IMP (Invisible Mic Preamp) mic/line preamps with balanced XLR and TRS jack inputs on the front panel. Each channel has a dedicated gain control with 60dB of gain for the mic, 40dB for line inputs, a signal and clip LED. Phantom power (+48v) is switchable globally for all chaqnnels. Great, but there is more, as well as the 8 A to D, there's 8 channels of D to A on balanced XLR outputs fed from the ADAT input.

Around the back, there's the mains power (switch-able between 230 and 120v for international usage), ADAT in and out plus Wordclock in.

The unit operates at 44.1kHz or 48kHz and has switching for digital sync via ADAT, Wordclock or to be the Master Clock in a digital system.

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