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In-depth Feature:  Kenton Spin Doctor
Nick B writes: .

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Thankyou Doctor

The Doctor is in – Virtual Spin Doctor software
Launching the Virtual Spin Doctor brings up a Spin Doctor front panel. Clicking on any of the controls brings up the assignment section where you may construct the function of any knob. It’s not a beautiful thing but it’s a darn sight easier than programming through a four char LCD or to be honest, using the front panel of any of the Control Freak range. Fortunately, Control Freak software is available for them too with new skinned versions coming soon to mimic the front panels.

Building the MIDI message
Once you have your setup – you can load the specified program from a connected Spin Doctor for editing or send a new program back to the unit. As you can name your patch and individual knobs, it would be very cool to be able to print out the screen, names and all, poke 16 holes in the paper and lay it over the front panel – sadly, the software screen is somewhat smaller than the actual physical unit – perhaps an update Kenton? (Template cards may well be forthcoming according to a Kenton source.)

With the Spin Doctor Kenton have kept the costs down and squeezed much of the Control Freak brains (apart from the extra buttons) into a desktop sized box. Add the software programmability and you get a pretty good value package even without USB or a built in MIDI interface. The Spin Doctor does have the soft through function of it’s bigger brothers and sisters so can easily be incorporated into a single MIDI port system.

The main competition comes from the Evolution UC-16, which is slightly cheaper but doesn’t transmit SYSEX nor does it have the equivalent of Virtual Spin Doctor or the number of available templates. As we know, there a number of keyboard controllers to choose from, perhaps most notably the new Edirol PCR 30 and 50, which feature eight knobs and eight faders plus a number of assignable switches to boot, plus the forthcoming Novation Remote25 which includes transport control and a touchpad. These units support SYSEX, RPN and NRPN which makes them comparible in functions. But Kenton’s sturdy construction, large number of downloadable profiles plus editing software and track record may just swing it for you, and besides, you may already have a keyboard.

Spin Doctor: $199 / £125 UK RRP

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