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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments FM7
Bruno writes: .

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Sonic Sweetness
The FM7 is not only a great reproduction of its hardware counterpart, it is probably, considering today’s D/A converters, a vast improvement, even using the AV output on a laptop, the sound of the FM7 is both rich and detailed.

There are those that may scoff at FM synthesis as having had its day, but that was what they said about analog in the 80s.

Whether you require pads, percussion or just solid bottom end, the FM7 is as versatile a synth as you could ask for.

The world of FM programming is to some a dark and mysterious place, as complex and unfathomable as the female mind; unaided by Yamahas use of terms such as operator and algorithm, in place of the friendlier oscillator and voice, the DX7 gained a reputation of being impossible to programme by all except the most technical of musicians.

In reality the DX7 and now FM7 work on the basis of having six oscillators (operators), each with pitch, envelope and velocity sensitivity that modulate each other to produce complex harmonic tones, most simply like the drawbars on a Hammond organ. In addition there are 2 extra operators providing distortion and filtering.

Where the DX7 was further limited by 2*16 dot matrix, the FM7 has no such problem, with graphical editors for each operator making programming very straightforward. NI has also added both EASY and MASTER pages enabling large amounts of tweaking to be achieved in the fashion of an analog synth.

A flexible Multi-FX processor is also featured, offering chorus, flanging, delay and psuedo reverb effects.

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