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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments FM7
Pads, percussion or just solid bottom end, the FM7 is as versatile a synth as you could ask for
Bruno writes: .

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In the late 60s John Chowning, the then Director of the Centre for Computer Research and Musical Acoustics at Stanford University, began experiments in digital synthesis.

In the 70s, the findings of his research into Frequency Modulation were licensed to Yamaha, the outcome was, in 1983, the release of a synth that was set to help define the sound of the 80s. The Yamaha DX7 became the most talked about keyboard since the Minimoog.

Native-Instruments have refined this classic to fit into the modern software synth market, the result is the FM7, a 6 operator FM synth with the added benefits of total midi control, 64 voice polyphony and much more.

As with all Native-Instruments products installation is very straightforward, options are available for VST, MAS and Direct Connect support, authorization is via the CD and serial number.

Freemidi or OMS is required for midi functions, but the standalone model can be played via the computer keyboard.

The FM7 comes with 416 presets, 256 new sounds, 128 original DX sounds and 32 selected sounds from Yamahas DX200. In addition, a very useful function is the ability to load original DX sysex information, enabling access to a massive sound archive. More than 20,000 DX presets are currently available on the Internet so you should have no trouble finding something to suit every task.

For DX Sounds and useful information about FM Synthesis check out: Importing sysex is incredibly simple, just download patch files to your hard drive then click the IMPORT SYSEX button on the FM7s Library page!

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