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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EXS24
Joe Bennett writes: .

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Manufacturer Specifications
  • Up to 16 (Logic Audio Platinum/Gold) or 8 (Silver/MicroLogic) EXS24 with up to 64 voices each (depending on computer power)

  • Sample accurate timing
  • Complete integration into Logic's digital mixer with effects, total recall and full automation
  • Sample memory only limited by computer RAM Compatibility
  • Reads AIFF, WAV and SDII files
  • Supports 8- to 24-bit and up to 96kHz files
  • Converts AKAI(r) S1000/S3000 format. Support for more is under development
  • Sound processing per voice:
    Multimode filter with resonance and distortion; filter may be switched off to increase polyphony; two ADSR envelopes; one polyphonic LFO with decay/delay-envelope; one monophonic LFO; LFOs can run free or in adjustable note values with sync to tempo; portamento or pitcher (Auto Bend); volume or pan modulation; poly, mono or legato mode

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