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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EXS24
Virtual sampling is the future, they say. Mind you, they also said that about the Sinclair C5. Joe Bennett cruises slowly down a new road with the EXS24 from Emagic.
Joe Bennett writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is it?
  • In Use
  • Editing
  • Making Samples
  • Conclusion
  • System Requirements
  • Manufacturer Specifications .

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    (Mac only at the time of writing - Windows version to follow later in the year)
    £259/$299 rrp

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was, somewhere out there, a sampler with hundreds of megabytes of memory, a massive hard drive to store your samples, and a full-colour screen for easy editing? If such a machine were ever invented, we could call it... hey, a computer!

    The idea of software sampling is so obvious that it seems bizarre it didn't happen more recently than the late 1990s. Emagic's EXS24 (Emagic Xtreme Sampler 24-Bit, see?) is their second 'virtual instrument' for Logic Audio, following on from the ES1 virtual analogue synth. But whereas the ES1's passable synth tones can't compete with modelling synths such as the Nord Lead or Korg Z1, the EXS24 is actually an improvement on its outboard alternative

    What is it?
    The EXS24 works like an effect plug-in, sitting inside Logic's audio environment, but it can be controlled with MIDI input like a regular sampler. The samples themselves need to be set up as audio files on your hard drive, then imported, keyboard mapped and edited on the computer screen. Emagic are obviously confident that current hardware sampler users will be (literally) converted to their cause - Akai-format samples can be imported and saved in EXS24 format.

    And because it works like an effect plug-in, you can process its output with any effect you might choose. For lo-fi effects, apply Logic's Bitcrusher or Overdrive. For trippy sounds, use the tempo-based delay functions and tweak them to modify your grooves. Plus, of course, the full power of Logic's EQ means you can filter the sampler output to your heart's content.

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